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What is an ethical hacker? Who are these people? Are they professionals? Ethical hackers are professionals hired by companies to undertake an attack and damage their computer system and network the same manner as a hacker would. An ethical hacker uses the same ways and techniques as with the one used by the illegal hackers in breaching companies’ security system. In the end, it results with the company’s skill to avoid intrusions before it happens. Companies cannot learn when their security is tough unless they try it. It is hard for a business IT experts to ring out seriously the system. Companies should carefully evaluate the background and qualifications of every Ethical Hacker they’re considering hiring. This person will be buried to extremely sensitive information.

Exam Information:

EC-council partnered with the field leader VUE and Prometic to give the certification examinations. EC-Council Ethical Hacker Exam is available presently in:

  • Online based through Prometic Prime
  • Authorized Prometic Exam Center
  • VUE Exam Center

Aspirants who have already completed the training of EC Council programs may register through the authorized training centers for the individual EC Council exam. The ATC would help the students with exam scheduling through an online based Prometics Prime. Most of the EC Council authorizes training center may proctor the test. The test is not valid not unless they are made from genuine and authorized proctor through EC Council authorized training center.

Cost of Exam:

Ethical Hacker certification exam is priced in accordance to the currency value in available nations. Certification exam cost is subject to change. In a few countries, the exam cost can differ and extra taxes can be applied.

The exam fee voucher with prefix 312-50v7 for APTC, PRIME, and VUE, most of which is worth United States dollar (500) is at hand with the coursework and training, through an EC Council Authorize Training Center.

Exam Preparation:

To prepare for the exam, you need to undergo CEH exam training. E Council advises that the CEH aspirant attends formal room training in any of authorized training centers to reap the max benefits of the programs and have a great chance to pass and clear the exam. ATC would be the one to check your experience at work before you register for class. Also, you need to sign NDA/ Non-Disclosure Agreement if you enroll for a class.

Exam Requirements:

What are the needed requirements in taking the CEH exam? When you plan to take the CEH training, you’re eligible to try CEH exam. When you choose to have a self-study preparation, then you need for complete the aptness form then email this to the EC council.

What is the right program for a self-study student? It is required for a student to record 2 years of info security associated work experience as well as getting similar endorsement by the employer. When you face a condition where you don’t have the same experience, you could send a request that has details for educational backgrounds and request to consider your case on the basis.

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