CEH Certification information that can lead you towards Success

What is CEH (certified ethical hacker) certification?

The CEH accreditation was produced by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants for giving a broad method of at exams king the competency of workstation or system security specialists. The CEH confirmation is granted to those who have achieved the level of qualified data and troubleshooting aptitudes needed to give satisfactory underpin in the field of workstation and system security. It is intermittently redesigned to keep the accreditation relevant to the exam fittings and programming. This is truly key in light of the fact that a CEH must have the ability to finalize the latest supplies.


CEH Certification Examination and Course

  • The affirmation examination for CEH is offered by the EC-Council.
  • The exam is composed with 150 inquiries and keeping in mind the end goal to get affirmed you will accept an evaluation higher than 70%.
  • The most ideal route to be auspicious in this exam is to take a CEH instructional class.
  • The course will run for five days and at the closure you will be instructed to sit the exam.
  • It fundamentally includes active preparing in addition to studying the thoughts connected with the theme secured on the examination.
  • In sum, the course will blanket 40 hours and this is comprehensive of both labs and educating times.

Who can take this exam?

The Certified Ethical Hacker accreditation will invigorate the provision information of

  • Security officers
  • Evaluators
  • Security experts
  • Site chairmen
  • And any individual who is worried about the respectability of the system foundation
    • Duration for the test is 4 Hours
    • Questions in the test will be 150
    • Passing Grade for the test that will lead you towards certification is 70%
      • Duration for the test is 4 Hours
      • Questions in the test will be 125
      • Passing Grade for the test that 2will lead you towards certification is 70%

CEH exam details:

1.      CEH v7 Exam Details

2.      CEH v8 Exam Details

Upgradataion of certification

Your CEH certification is good for 3 years.

To recharge your qualification for an additional 3-year period you need to upgrade your EC-Council Continuing Instruction credit account in the EC-Council Delta entryway and submit verification of your earned credits. To support your confirmation you should acquire at least 20 credits for every year and what added up to 120 credits inside the 3-year upkeep period.

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