Fight Against Hackers: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

Severity of hacking these days:

Everyone is disturbed from the hacking and hacker’s attempts. Hacking attempts can sometimes be very serious and dangerous, hackers are not only targeted to hack personal ids and private data, sometimes hacking can lead to a serious loss which may include monetary loss. Hackers can hack anything and therefore a strong defensive system is a must thing in order to be at safe side. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator certificate can defend you very well in such situations.

How to stop hacking:

Computer crimes can be stopped or reduced by only one way and that is to adopt computer investigation techniques, many developed countries are frequently taking help from these computer investigation techniques to detect and stop different crimes. Different departments of government like police, companies, army and others have shown a bright interest in our computer hacking forensic investigator course and have trained a number of people to protect their department and serve the nation.

Meaning of Computer Forensic:

Computer forensic means applying different computer skills in analyzing and stopping the threats, it also includes to fight against such threats. Another important part of computer forensic hacking investigator is to recover the data which has been lost or destroyed by the hacker’s attempt. It will recover data and will secure the data from any further damage. Computer data recovery has gained popularity and is commonly used but the way, CFHI protects and recover your data can not be compared to any other way.

Risk factors:

You are at a more risk of being hacked if you have experienced any of the following things in near future:

  • Email Fraud
  • Bankruptcy
  • Avoidance of any contract
  • Web page defacement
  • Computer break-ins
  • Untrustworthy employees

Why CHFI Certification:

This certificate has the potential to bring polished skills in candidate to investigate the footprints and reach at the hacker’s and these skilled candidates can also smell the hacking attempt and can secure the data before any hacking attempt is made. Their salaries are as high as $100,000

Benefits of CHFI Certification:

CHFI certificate can benefit a lot of people and departments including law enforcement and police departments, defensive and military personnel, legal professionals, insurance companies, banking companies, IT organizations and many more. In order to get the CHFI certification, you have to clear ECO 312-49 exam. Passing criteria of CHFI exam is 75%.

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