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A professional certification which is provided by the International Council of E-commerce Consultants for the purpose of hacking into a computer network in order to test or evaluate its security, rather than any criminal intent in knowing as an Ethical Hacking Certification. They use methods of hacking to fix computers and other security vulnerabilities.

CEH Exams

A candidate can achieve the hacking certification by taking CEH examination. There are exam codes which vary from various centers that provide the examination. The Ethical examination is recognized internationally. The codes are: Exam 312-50v7, Exam 312059v7, Exam ECO-350.

Preparation for Ethical Hacking Exam

Ethical Hacking Certification can be achieved by preparing for the examination in a proper way. This needs a candidate to undergo training by Accredited Training Centre or by doing self-study. If any application makes a choice of doing self-study for the exam preparation then an application is needed to be filled out indicating that the person hold relevant information security work experience of at least 2 years. In case there is no such experience then a candidate can send request by providing details of relevant educational background.

Some Guidelines to be followed for Exam Preparation

  • The first priority for the preparation of the examination should be joining of authorized training centers. Training consists of the examinations and programs of the course study in which candidates learn how to hack the system and learn how to create antivirus software or form security systems. Companies on large scale appoint those who are the Certified Ethical Hackers.
  • Some online ethical hacker study materials can be obtained online and the candidate will be able to perform self-study. This option of self-study is for those candidates who are doing full time job and unable to find time to attend training centers.
  • After obtaining the study materials keep your hands on experience in front and start studying on your own in order to master your skills. Books are always informative and always keep a person updated.
  • For hacking it is essential for a hacker to have networking know-how so experience related to it is also significant. Hacking is not that technical as it sounds it requires some soft skills just as other IT jobs. All you need is an efficient problem solving communications and excellent skills and the ability of a person to stay motivated and dedicated in his work.

Currently ethical hackers are becoming a mainstay of the effort to make corporate networks securely and with the use of the strategic methods help the organizations to find defects and problems in its defensive systems.

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