Secure your Networks by Certified Ethical Hacker

International Council of E-commerce consultants is providing a lot of certifications which are highly prestigious and professional. Among these highly professional certificates, Certified Ethical Hacker is also present and it is a professional qualification with a number of benefits other than to simply protect your networks.

Duties of Ethical hacker:

The holder of this certification is employed by government and private bodies and is allowed to penetrate in the networking of that organization as a hacker. This strategy will help the organization to find defects and gaps in its defensive system. Ethical hacking is not at all a criminal, he is provided with limited information and the rest of the work is done by him. He is entrusted by the organization and is given legal permission to do so. Unauthorized hacking is definitely a crime, but where the employee is hiring some trained ethical hacker to test his network, it cannot be nested under the heading of crime. It is actually a technique to prevent the hacking crime, which can sometimes take extreme severity.


A certified ethical hacker has been trained in the period of his education as how to think and get into the targeted systems. His techniques are similar to the techniques of a hacker; the difference is in the intention. Hackers use wrong intentions and are targeted to destroy or steal the data from a particular system, however certified ethical hacker will use the same techniques and will afterward provide a report to the owner in which he will state the deficiencies in the system. So that these deficiencies can be eliminated and data can be secure.


Certification in Certified Ethical Hacker is awarded to those candidates who appear and pass the CEH examination. This exam can be prepared personally or you can take couching classes from ATC (Accredited Training Center). If you are thinking to complete the certification with self-study, then you will have to mention in the exam form and you will have to provide a proof of relevant field experience of at least 2 years. Furthermore, if you do not have a relevant experience, you can send the form along with an application to consider you on a case basis.


Maintaining the knowledge in professional fields is quite important, especially in the information technology fields where every day is filled with new challenges and excitements. ECE is concerned with the update of knowledge of its candidates, therefore, members are required to rectify every 3 years!

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